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I hate choco..
A boy named Evan Taylor (Freddie Highmore) lives in an orphanage, all the while believing that his parents are alive. He believes the music that he hears all around him is his parents communicating with him. He meets a counselor, Richard Jeffries (Terrence Howard), of the New York Child Services Department. Evan tells him he does not want to be adopted, because he believes his parents are still alive and will come to collect him eventually.
A reunion was organized by K-Ci and JoJo were the only members of the group in appearance. The performance itself was interrupted when JoJo fell unconscious during the performance. Due to a 22 hour flight to Sydney, Australia and the subsequent on stage appearance only 5 hours after the flight Jojo was believed to be dizzy before and during his performance, Jojo has been diagnosed in January 2008 as being epileptic. After medical staff attended to him after the show patrons were advised Jojo had an epileptic seizure. Venue staff reportedly advised that Jojo had also passed out 15 minutes into the show then for the second time 49 minutes into the show.